Enterprise-Grade Features at an SMB Price


Introducing Allworx Verge™

Verge is a new class of mobile-first business phones designed for today's workforce on the go. Share your personal contacts from mobile devices and Outlook with your Verge phone. Instantly handoff active calls to and from your favorite mobile device and Verge phone. You can even remotely control your Verge phone from your mobile device.

Isn't it time your business phone is available whenever, wherever you need it?


Always be reachable by extending the Allworx IP phone to your iOS or Android devices.

  • Road ninjas who always want to be reached on their business numbers.
  • Legal and helath care professionals who want to protect personal mobile numbers.
  • Professionals who work in a distributed work area such as showrooms or schools.

Desktop Integration

Boost productivity with PC-based call management and integration with thrid-party apps.

  • Front-desk service staff and reception areas.
  • Call center agents who are using Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
  • Sales professionals who depend on outbound or inbound calls.

Call Center

Intelligently distribute and manage incoming calls for up to 10 defined queues.

Four Styles of Call Distribution

  1. Linear priority: Distribute calls based on a prioritized list of agents.
  2. Round-robin: Distribute calls to agents in a circular manner.
  3. Longest idle: Distribute calls to agents who are idle for the longest time.
  4. Ring all: Ring all agents in a queue simultaneously.

Queue Management Features

  • Customize the welcome greeting for initial queue entrance.
  • Customize the periodic status messages while callers are waiting.
  • Customize call routes based on queue conditions such as when a caller reaches the maximum wait time or the queue is full.
  • Prioritize the queues when the agents are working more than one queue.

Supervisor Features

  • Monitor agent calls in three modes: Barge In, Whisper, or Silent Monitor.
  • Update queue setting from anywhere via Allworx Web Admin or My Allworx Manager

Agent Features

  • Log in, log out, or update busy status from the Allworx IP phone or the Allworx Interact™ Professional application.
  • Get visual queue alarm notifications on the Allworx IP phone or Allworx View™ ACD real-time dashboard.


 Track call activity metrics that drive your business performance. 

  • Track outbound call volume by individual agents or employees.
  • Track inbound call volume by geographic areas or time periods to identify trends.
  • Measure incoming calls to specific DIDs associated with advertising campaigns.
  • Identify unmet staffing needs and areas to reduce telecom costs.
  • Project queue and agent metrics on a large monitor for call center teams.


Multi-Site Support

 Improve employee collaboration and reduce telecom costs by unifying up to 100 locations. 

Global Access Across All Sites

  • Extension dialing, call transfer, and call park across all sites.
  • Global directory.
  • Global voicemail.
  • Real-time user presence and status.
  • Shared auto attendants.

Cost Savings

  • Elimination of inter-office long distance and local call charges.
  • Shared staffing (e.g. receptionists) across multiple sites.

Disaster Recovery

  • Easy re-routing of calls during a natural disaster or connectivity failure.

Watch Me

This Video highlights the key mobility-integration features available in the Allworx Verge IP Phone Systems.