Managed Services
IT Management and Support

Business Continuity and Backup & Disaster Recovery
Being prepared brings piece of mind as well as ‘Business Continuity’.

Business Continuity is beyond the historical and typical Disaster Recovery Planning.

Using the latest in technical advancements in software and hardware, DIGIT3 has the resources to provide Enterprise-Level Services for the Small Business.

DIGIT3 solutions utilize both On-Site and Off-Site technologies to minimize impact from unforeseen events. From something as simple as a file deletion… all the way to establishing ‘Virtual’ versions of your crucial systems in our Secure Cloud.



Cloud Services
Productivity, Collaboration, Email  and Security Solutions.

The “Cloud” is an ever growing term in our world today…and there’s a reason for it.

The Cloud helps people stay connected regardless of where they are.

The Cloud delivers extraordinary value to organizations that need modern services and want to minimize investment in their on-premise systems and support.

DIGIT3 has partnered with Industry Leading Companies to provide the best opportunities in meeting your needs in “THE CLOUD”.


Flexibility and adaptation are key for the modern business.

This means that your IT infrastructure and resources must be ready change quickly.
Management, deployment, and modification of resources in a virtualized environment are streamlined, allowing IT resources to adjust to the organization’s goals and strategies.

Essentially, Virtualization is a way for organizations to make the most on their investments.

DIGIT3 can assist you in determining how your organization can benefit from a Virtual environment..